The basics of Sake

Types of Sake


Before ordering sake, be sure to check the grade of sake.
Sake is graded as either premium or not; Ginjo group or not.
As a rule, your best bet is to stick up with premium sake for drinking.

Sake made with highly polished rice is generally much more expansive than the others.
Because they are usually considered to be more refined in flavor.

The difference between Junmai sake family and Ginjo sake family is
adding distilled alcohol or not.
The addition of distilled alcohol means of adjusting the flavor and aroma.
Added in small quantities at a particular stage in the brewing process,
the alcohol enhances the fragrance and makes for a lighter flavor.
However, in recent years, sake drinkers have been gravitating toward
Junmai sake family , made without distilled alcohol.

Characteristics of each Sake type


・The most luxurious sake
・Light and delicate taste with the fruit-like aroma
・Recommended temperature to drink: chilled

・Light, clear and refreshing taste
・Smooth in texture, and has a good aftertaste
・Recommended temperature to drink: chilled

・A bit dry tastte and light aroma fragrance
・full and rich body : a higher acidic level
・Recommended temperature to drink: warm or hot

・A light and smooth body and flavor
・Recommended temperature to drink: warm

Enjoy sake over a range of temperature


Sake can be enjoyed at a wide range of temperatures. Each temperature has a different name, and you can enjoy unique aspects of the same sake when you try it at different temperatures. In our restaurant, we offer a sake in 11 ranges of sake temperature. we hope you can find the sake temperature you like the most.







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